Month: October 2020

WordPress Auto-Update System Misfires, Updating Live Sites to an Alpha Release

WordPress’ Core systems team had an eventful Friday when an error in the auto-update system caused sites to update to WordPress 5.5.3-alpha-49449, including live production sites with no auto-update constants defined. I just had a random production site auto-update itself to #WordPress 5.5.3-alpha 😨 Anyone else seeing this?— Mark Root-Wiley (@MRWweb) October 30, 2020 Those…

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Twenty Twenty-One Blocks Theme Launching as a Separate Project

Twenty Twenty-One in the Gutenberg site editor. Last Friday, Themes Team representative Carolina Nymark announced the Twenty Twenty-One Blocks theme project. It is a block-based version of the Twenty Twenty-One default theme that is shipping along with WordPress 5.6. It will work with the site editor available in the Gutenberg plugin. Developers will work on…

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15 WordPress Plugins Every Content Creator Needs

As a content creator, you need a robust toolbox full of powerful tools to create the best content possible. Better content – as you know – is key to increasing your website traffic, collecting subscribers, building an audience, and ultimately growing your sales.  One of the main advantages of building a website with WordPress is…

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How to Be a Force for Good in Times of Crisis and Darkness

The world is on fire. At least, that’s what it seems like. Sometimes quite literally. Wherever you look, there are problems: A deadly global pandemicWildfires on several continentsPolice brutality, escalating protests, and racial tensionsEconomic problems and huge unemployment numbersA growing social divide and political tensionsLack of effective political leadership and growing authoritarianism in several countries…

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