Month: March 2023

6 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Web Development With Mind Mapping

Mind maps can help you visually organize your ideas and information, streamline your development process, and facilitate collaboration. Here are six ways to speed up your WordPress web development process with mind mapping… Professional web developers need to work smarter and faster to get things done and delivered on time and on budget. There are plenty…

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How To Import Programmatically Defined ACF Data

For as nice and as powerful as ACF is, it’s not without it’s shortcomings (but I guess that could be said about any software). For the purposes of this post, though, this is the software about which I’m discussing. Specifically, I’m talking about the following scenario: You have a repeater field that’s defined programmatically and…

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How to Use CM WordPress Search and Replace

Change is inevitable, and if you run a website updating content is necessary. Whether you have a blog or a store, eventually something will change. And lucky for you CM WordPress Search and Replace is here to help make your life a bit easier. CM Search and Replace With CM WordPress Search and Replace the…

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