Premium Support

Do you need urgent technical support? If so, you can chat with one of our developers via live chat, we can perform minor changes by temporarily remoting into your computer,or you can share login credentials and we can perform the changes for you.

You can purchase support hours in blocks prepaid, or once you become a verified customer work can be completed and invoiced upon completion.

Our team manage tasks using a state of the art ticketingand help desk system, we are able to track time very accurately, down to 1 minute increments and you will only bebilled in 1 minute increments.

Our team are managing support and maintenance for hundreds of website across the globe, in the event that you would like someone to manage support, upgrades andmaintenance for your website, reach out to one of our agents, we would love to hear from you.

  • Password Reset Problems
  • Updating Slider Images
  • Adding Google Verification and analytics tracking codes
  • Adding a new page and uploading basic content
  • Adding a new page and uploading basic content
  • Basic Advice on how to solve a particular problem

Note : Some of these tasks won’t take up the full 1hr and in some cases more time may be required if you have broader issues with your site.

  • Fixing Minor Plugin Conflicts, identifying the problem and deactivating the problem plugin (depends on how extensive the problem is though)
  • Fixing minor layout issues and browser incompatibility issues (note – minor only)
  • Installing and setting up a new theme on a new WordPress Install
  • BasicWebsiteHardening and Securityupgrade, installing security pluginsand basic malware scan and clean
  • Adding a number of pages or blogposts, with basic styling
  • Installing SEO plugin (Yoast) and basicsetup of Meta Titles, MetaDescriptions and Keywords.
  • Setting up an SSL certificate andforcing pages to load via HTTPS, fixinghardcoded links.
  • UpdateofWordPress, Themes andplugins on a basic site, including aninitial backup. Please note, that ifplugin conflicts are experiencedwemay not be able to update all themesand plugins, orresolve all issues. Wemay need additional time, or leavesome elements on an older version.

Note : some of these tasks won’t take upthe full 4hr and in some cases more timemay be required if youhave broaderissues with your site.

  • Fixing more major plugin conflicts andincompatibilities, may require somecoding changes or replacement ofsome plugins to make the sitefunction properly.
  • Deploying a hacked website from abackup,scanning the website formalware and viruses, implementingsome basic security plugins, updatingWordPress, themes and plugins andmanaging the golive of the site.
  • Fixing more significant layout,browser andresponsiveness issues.
  • Changing theme of a simple site andresolving any minor issues with thetheme. (note. eCommerce themechange might take longer)
  • Theme and plugin updates on aneCommerce site, will depend on howwell the site has been built, if there isno child theme setup this could takelonger.
  • Implementing recommendationsfrom Google Page Speed Insights, tooptimise website according to GoogleGuidelines.
  • Making changes to WooCommerce,implementing shipping rules, cartrules, setting up voucher codes,discount rules, new paymentgateway.
  • Custom Development on Website, extending functionality of plugins, making larger layout changes, deploying premium plugins and testing.

Note : some of these tasks may not take up the full 8hrs and the difference will be credited to your account for you to use at a later date . However, there will be instances where the work required may take longer than 8hrs. Please get in contact with our team for an estimate on your project prior to proceeding.