Month: December 2011

How to Create a Unique WordPress Category Archive Page

In WordPress, if you would like to make your category archives different from each other (for example, giving them different styles or including different types of information on each), then it’s pretty easily done. You will only need to make a new category template file for the categories you would like to change. How to…

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How to Add a Horizontal Line to a WordPress Post or Page

Sometimes making different sections of a post distinctly separate from each other can go a long way in making your post more readable. In some cases, embedding a horizontal line, like this one … is just the answer. For example, in a recent post here on WPMU, I had over a hundred different graphics that…

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8 Places to Find a Good WordPress Developer or Designer

You have some spectacular ideas for your WordPress site that needs fixing, but you’re not a coder. So, you need the services of a professional WordPress developer or designer. But where to begin? There’s an entire World Wide Web vying for your attention with what seems like an endless supply of developers and designers raising…

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15 Fun Things To Embed in Your Website Today

Did you know that you can embed almost anything into your website? From the standard Google Map to the more complicated pricing table, you can quickly change your website from merely something to read to a fun, interactive way of engaging with your readers. And with the likes of Gutenberg and a snazzy new tool, it’s…

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