Month: November 2020


Recently, one of our readers asked what they could do to fix the DNS_PROBE-FINISHED_NXDOMAIN problem? This error message appears in Chrome when your browser can’t connect to the website you’ve requested. Other browsers use different messages to display this error. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily fix the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error, and how…

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How To Check WordPress Site Speed With The New GTmetrix (Featuring Lighthouse)

GTmetrix is now powered by Lighthouse, delivering page performance test results that better reflect the user’s perception of how fast their websites are loading. Any business that wants to stay in business knows it’s essential to have a fast loading website. Websites that load quickly retain more visitors and perform better in search engines Google.…

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Torque’s Social Hour: What We Are Grateful For In 2020

The Torque Social Hour is a weekly livestream about WordPress news, events, and life in quarantine. This week’s co-hosts are Carrie Dils and Chris Garret. Join us next Wednesday from 3-4pm PST when our special guest will be Liam Dempsey. AuthorDoc PopDoctor Popular is an artist and musician living in San Francisco. As a full…

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