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10 Best Technical Documentation Software for WordPress

Are you looking for the best technical documentation software for WordPress? Technical documentation software helps you easily write, edit, and manage documentation inside WordPress. This enables users to get the information they need without asking for support and helps you reduce support queries. In this article, we’ll show the best technical documentation software for WordPress…

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#113 – Shawn Hooper on Launching WordCamp Canada (WCEH)

Transcript [00:00:00] Nathan Wrigley: Welcome to the Jukebox podcast from WP Tavern. My name is Nathan Wrigley. Jukebox has a podcast which is dedicated to all things WordPress. The people, the events, the plugins, the blocks, the themes, and in this case, the first ever WordCamp Canada. If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast,…

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The WordPress Training Team’s Big Changes: Learning Pathways and Website Redesign

Knowledge and training for WordPress has traditionally been very decentralized. There’s the official documentation, the developer documentation, the support forums,, and then the wide array of community blogs, tutorials, and YouTube videos. Resources like documentation and support forums exist to answer questions and explain features, but their purpose is not to teach a person…

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Bluehost Announced New Cloud Hosting Built on WP Cloud

Bluehost, one of the leading web hosting providers, has announced Bluehost Cloud, an innovative cloud-based hosting solution specifically designed for WordPress users. It is built on WP Cloud infrastructure, in collaboration with, to provide robust support for websites with high traffic and demanding performance requirements. Bluehost is one of the three recommended hosting…

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Surprising Tech Trends in WordPress and Beyond

As you likely know, WordPress software powers 46% of all websites on the Internet.  I thought it would be fun to dive a bit deeper and note some trends that affect the WP community. WordPress powers 46% of all websites on the Internet WordPress usage remains dominant and steadyAntiquated software is still used quite a…

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