Month: November 2022

WordPress Versions 3.7-4.0 No Longer Get Security Updates

In September, WordPress’ Security Team announced it would be dropping support for versions 3.7 through 4.0 by December 1, 2022. Yesterday the final releases for these versions (3.7.41, 3.8.41, 3.9.40, and 4.0.38) were made available to the very small percentage of users who are running ancient versions of WordPress. As part of the final releases,…

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Gutenberg 14.6 Adds List View for Editing Navigation Block, Introduces New Automatic Color Palette Generator

Gutenberg 14.6 was released last week with a long list of small but impactful refinements to core blocks and the full-site editing experience. One of the most practical enhancements included in this update is the new list view for editing the Navigation block. Gutenberg contributor Fabian Kägy published a quick video that helps to visualize…

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How to Remove the Sidebar in WordPress

Do you want to remove the sidebar from your WordPress site? The sidebar is a widget-ready area in your WordPress theme where you can show information that isn’t part of the main page content. However, sidebars can be distracting and take up valuable space. In this article, we will show you how to easily remove…

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