Month: February 2021

Chrome is Testing a Follow Button for Websites

Chrome Canary, the browser’s nightly build for developers, has been testing a new Follow button, as spotted on Android by the publishers of Chrome Story. The button appears on the homepage of a site, as well as in the browser menu: Chrome Story speculates that it may be integrated with Google’s Discover feature, allowing sites…

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Ask the Bartender: What Happens When Block Markup Changes?

I’m a developer that has started developing with Gutenberg recently. There are a bunch of amazing benefits and features, but there are also a ton of drawbacks, inconsistencies, as well as absolutely awful and outdated documentation.One of the worst aspects of Gutenberg from a developer perspective has been block validation. Consider the following scenario. I…

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Building Backcast, Part 4

TL;DR: The private podcast account is set up but not yet recorded; I’m looking to do that sooner rather than later. I’m looking to possibly abandon exclusive Overcast support which I’ll briefly talk about. This article walks through the process of defining the conditions for unit testing and how I’ve decided to go about writing…

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