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4 Accessibility Tips for Your Nonprofit’s WordPress Website

Accessibility has increasingly become a central priority for every top-notch nonprofit website.  Designing an accessible website is often viewed as an intimidating, complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Even taking incremental steps to incorporate accessibility into your website strategy is a strong first step in the right direction.  Luckily, since you’ve built your…

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How to Easily Fix 404 Errors From Your WordPress Dashboard

Imagine a situation in which you’re browsing the Internet for an important piece of information. As usual, Google gives you several options, and you click on the one you think fits best with your requirement. Unfortunately, though, when you land on the website, you find a 404 error being displayed on your screen.  Can anything…

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4 Best SSL Certificate Providers for WordPress Websites

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is essential for protecting your website and your customers. However, the world of SSL is often full of confusing jargon. That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide to the best SSL certificate providers. By exploring the validation times, costs, and type of products each company provides, you should…

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4 Best WooCommerce Alternatives

Investing in an eCommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you can make as an online business owner. WooCommerce is a very popular option. However, it isn’t perfect, and you may be looking for a more suitable choice. Fortunately, there are some excellent WooCommerce alternatives available. Each eCommerce platform serves different company sizes…

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Don’t Miss Out on the WPMRR Virtual Summit

Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, is crucial for any business. The more passive income you can generate, the more focus you can put in other parts of your operation. If you are looking to generate more money in general, the WPMRR Virtual Summit is for you. Hosted by Joe Howard of WP Buffs, this free…

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Resources, Week of 6 June 2021

Note long ago, I started sharing stuff on Twitter pretty regularly. But I don’t that much more either. So, given that I’ve started keeping a list of things in Apple Notes that I find useful, I thought I might as well return to form and share them here. They will probably have a much longer shelf-life and maybe…

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