Month: August 2022

#41 – Laura Nelson on How To Create a Profitable Newsletter

On the podcast today, we have Laura Nelson. Laura is a Content Marketer at WooCommerce where she’s responsible for creating and planning engaging content for their users. Prior to WooCommerce she worked at MailPoet, an email marketing plugin for WordPress, and before that, she worked at Pragmatic, a UK based WordPress agency. She’s on the…

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25+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2022

There is an incredible amount of themes out there, and the majority of them look good enough, honestly. But what sets some apart from others, is how well a theme fits with criteria that certain users would like. We shared a handful of themes and plugins for writers last month, and since you like it…

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How to Enable Search by Product SKU in WooCommerce

Would you like your customers to be able to search for your WooCommerce products using a SKU code? Because SKU codes uniquely identify your products, searching for them will help users quickly find exactly what they are looking for. The challenge is that SKU search is not enabled in WooCommerce by default. In this article,…

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WP-Optimize Denies Allegations of Cheating Performance Tools

Yesterday, we published allegations from Gijo Varghese against UpdraftPlus, the makers of WP-Optimize. Varghese is founder of FlyingProxy, a competing company, and identifies himself as a “performance enthusiast.” He accused the plugin of “cheating Pagespeed and other tools” by hiding JavaScript files from loading when users test their sites through popular performance testing tools. The…

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Torque Toons: Wapuu Panda Fusion

Did you know The San Diego Zoo is only an 8 minute drive from this year’s WordCamp US location? The San Diego Zoo is one of three zoos in the United States that has giant pandas. That got me thinking about a Wapuu/giant panda mashup. AuthorDoc PopDoctor Popular is an artist and musician living in…

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