Month: August 2022

OrganizeWP Launches with “Old School Software Pricing Model”

WordPress developer Jon Christopher has relaunched OrganizeWP, a commercial plugin that organizes content in the admin with a single, unified view and UI for streamlining common actions. It’s a utility plugin that Christopher has had on his mind since before he released its predecessor, the Hierarchy plugin, eight years ago. “The WordPress Admin felt really…

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WordPress Glossary for Beginners (Terms Explained)

For someone new to the world of blogging, all the new terms being thrown around can get pretty confusing – especially if you have little to no background in computers and web development. This article will explain some of the more common terms you’re likely to come across as you start blogging. These are not…

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New Twenty Twenty-Three Default Theme Now in Development

Last month, WordPress design contributors proposed creating a new kind of default theme that would bundle a curated set of style variations, instead of creating a new theme from scratch. This idea resonated with participants in the discussion and plans are now underway to use a stripped-back version of Twenty Twenty-Two as the base for…

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