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New Design Superpowers for You to Leverage

One of the most exciting things about WordPress is that it’s constantly improving. In fact, did you know that Gutenberg releases new functionality and improvements every two weeks?! There have been a number of really cool and powerful capabilities rolled out over the last few months that give you even more control over the design…

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DO More With WPMU DEV’s Managed WordPress Hosting Partnered With DigitalOcean

All hosting companies are not equal, and some are more not equal than others! Here is why we have never kept WPMU DEV’s managed WordPress hosting partnership with DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure secret… Not Your Garden Variety Hosting Company… Although WPMU DEV started in a garden shed as a simple plugin repository with a handful of…

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WordPress, Writing Daily, and Deep Work

I last wrote about the Magnitude of WordPress and said that the original version of the article was going to be much longer; however, the content was too scattered for me to try to bring it all together in a cohesive article. So I’ve opted to separate them into at least a couple, if not…

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