Month: May 2021

Resources, Week of 24 May 2021

Years ago (maybe a decade – or more, yikes 😬) I used to post links to resources that I found online that I found interesting or useful for other people that were designers, developers, or anyone who was interested in doing something on the web in-general. Case in point, here’s a post from 2010. A…

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Why WordPress Agencies Are Embracing Gutenberg

Now that the WordPress Gutenberg editor has become a viable option for building sites, agencies are starting to transition from page builders to get back to “plain WordPress.” We spoke with 15 agencies to understand the shift. After two years on the market, Gutenberg is overcoming its rough start and reputation as a half-baked product.…

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Happy 18th Birthday, WordPress

WordPress is celebrating 18 years today since the first release of the software to the general public. That release post, titled, “WordPress Now Available,” kicked off an exciting era in the history of the blogosphere where WordPress emerged as an unofficial successor to the abandoned b2/cafelog software. Reading the comments on the first release, you…

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