Month: July 2012

Change WordPress Email “Send From” Settings

By default, your WordPress installation sends user registration emails from “[email protected]” For example, if your blog is at, emails will come from [email protected] Continue reading, or jump ahead using these links: I Don’t Want to Use the Default WordPress Email Change WP eMail From Details Screenshots WordPress Email Settings The functions.php code Customizing the…

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10 Best & Free WordPress Video Themes for Your Website

Let’s say you want to run a video site. You want to run it on WordPress. You want a theme that will help you do that…and you want it for free! Thankfully, there are several great WordPress themes out there to help — that don’t cost a dime. A lot of WordPress themes are designed…

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WordPress Read More Plugins to Help You Control Your Excerpts

Nearly everyone with a website wants their visitors to “read more.” There are some plugins that can help. And by that I mean they want their readers to click on the little link at the bottom of an excerpt that by default these days says, “Continue Reading.” Below we’ve collected a couple of “read more”…

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