Month: December 2021

WP Tavern’s 2021 Year in Review

Abstract Lights by Marcus Kazmierczak A friend prompted me to fix an issue with the WP Tavern archives page a few days ago. Not all of 2021’s posts were visible. As I glanced over the updated list, I realized our team put in a lot of work for the year. In the day-to-day mix of…

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A Throwback to the Past: Retro Winamp Block

In mid-November, I happened upon a block plugin called Retro Winamp Block. As many of our readers know, I am always on the lookout for those WordPress extensions that remind me of the era when I first started using computers and exploring the web. The plugin seemed to fit the bill. It had “retro” in…

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Fix WordPress, PHP, MariaDB, and Homebrew

TL;DR: If you find yourself setting up a new environment and you run into problems running WordPress, MariaDB, and PHP there are a few things to remember. Here’s what and here’s how to fix it. I’m working on a longer post about how I set up my latest development environment but, in the mean time,…

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