Month: April 2021

Alpha Particle and Flowspoke Acquire Kanban for WordPress for $15K

Digital consultancies Alpha Particle and Flowspoke have acquired the Kanban for WordPress plugin, a tool that puts Kanban boards into the admin to measure progress on a goal. The plugin is used for agile project management, sales tracking, editorial scheduling, and other planning purposes. WordPress developer Corey Maass created Kanban for WordPress in 2015 but…

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How to Drive Sales With Conversational Commerce (3 Tips)

Increasing revenue is a major goal for most business owners. However, with so much competition, especially online, generating leads and closing sales can be tougher than ever. Therefore, savvy marketers and website administrators are constantly on the hunt for ways to improve results. Conversational commerce is a potential solution. This newer form of marketing and…

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9 Best Star Rating Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Compared)

Are you looking for the best star rating plugins for WordPress? Adding star ratings to your website lets your customers review your products and services while improving your social proof. In this article, we’ll share the best star rating plugins for WordPress, so you can simply add star ratings to your WordPress website. Why Use…

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10 Highly Convincing Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Do the benefits of managed WordPress hosting outweigh the costs? That’s one of the main questions anyone who is contemplating hosting their site with a managed provider will ask themselves. After all, theoretically, you can do everything that managed hosting providers offer yourself. So, is it worth paying for the extra service? To answer this…

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