Month: April 2016

39 Must-Have WordPress Development Tools

WordPress isn’t just for blogging. It’s a full-fledged CMS and undoubtedly a strong platform for developers. But the world of related trends and tools can be exhaustive when you just need a solid solution real fast. Given the fact that WordPress is used by millions of people, it’s only natural many use it to make…

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How to Move WordPress for Local Development with XAMPP

XAMPP is a popular, free, open-source web server you can install on your computer and use to power local WordPress installations. This makes XAMPP a great option for developers who want to develop sites and test plugins and themes locally before pushing those changes to a live website. Using a local development environment is a…

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Creating Custom Fields Manually in WordPress

Over the past 12 months, I’ve written a number of posts that focus on adding functionality to WordPress using custom fields. We’ve looked at creating custom post list templates, crafting the perfect travel blog and more. While plugins like CustomPress and Advanced Custom Fields make creating custom post type easy-peasy, if you want to really…

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When and How to Install WordPress in a Subdirectory

When you manage multiple WordPress sites on the same web server, keeping your installs organized is a must, especially if you look after client sites. Or maybe you just don’t like installing WordPress at the root of your site. Whatever the case may be, setting up WordPress in a subdirectory provides a tidy solution. In…

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