Month: February 2016

Using Grunt to Speed Up WordPress Development

Build tools are an essential part of every developer’s toolkit that lets you focus on efficient development without getting caught up in the small details that can distract you from the code at hand. One such popular build tool is Grunt. We recently looked at how to use Gulp for WordPress development. Gulp is a…

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Building Your Own Etsy Store With WordPress

Etsy is the place to go online for handmade goods. Crafters and artisans from all over the world flock to the site to sell their wares. I mean, you can find everything from knitted hats to wood burned signs to handblown glass vases on the site. You can easily lose hours of your time browsing…

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Creating Custom Post Meta Boxes in WordPress

Meta boxes are a useful feature in WordPress that allow you to add completely custom data to a post or page in WordPress. Say, for example, you’re creating a website for a client that needs to display nutritional information alongside products in a store (as we’ll be exploring in this post). You can add any…

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