Month: July 2022

Best Table Plugins for WordPress to Organize Data

Tables are a thing of beauty, especially for those with a type-A personality who have a penchant for organizing and decluttering. Perfectly aligned columns and rows make data easy to read and interpret. Plus they can serve a variety of purposes when used in posts or pages. A table can be use to display inventories, schedules,…

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WebP by Default Merged Into Core for WordPress 6.1

WebP, an image format developed by Google, which is intended to replace JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats, will soon be generated by default for new JPEG image uploads in WordPress and used for website content. The main work for this feature was committed to core for inclusion in the upcoming WordPress 6.1 release. The…

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WordPress Theme Authors Are Moving to Host Fonts Locally

The WordPress Themes team is poised to change its guidelines on remote hosting Google Fonts and is once again strongly urging theme authors to host their fonts locally. Yoast-sponsored contributor Ari Stathopoulos published an update today to answer some questions the team has been receiving about fonts in themes: Historically, WordPress themes hosted in the…

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Pit Stop: Big Yellow Signs

I’ve always considered myself a contemplative person, and with good reason. In high school, I wanted nothing more on Friday nights than to drive to the Barnes & Noble in downtown Evanston—the home of Northwestern University—to drink cappuccinos and read poetry. Meanwhile, my friends were at parties. I immersed myself in the readings of Henry…

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