March is just around the corner and you know what that means—it’s time to dust off those brackets and get sharp on the best WordPress plugins as we gear up for this year’s Plugin Madness!

Plugin Madness is a bracket-style competition in which 64 WordPress plugins compete against one another through weekly voting rounds—and the 2024 competition has officially kicked off. Nominations for Plugin Madness 2024 are now open! 


This year marks the ninth annual Plugin Madness, and your nominations are key to tipping off the game.

Seeking the Best Plugins

Think of yourself as a scout, seeking out the most valuable players in the plugin arena. Plugin Madness is all about identifying plugins that not only solve problems but also enhance the WordPress experience. 

Whether it’s a plugin that’s been a game-changer for your website or one that’s just too good to ignore, we want to hear all about it. Simply fill out the form here to submit your plugin of choice. 

Remember, to qualify for the competition, plugins must be: 

Plugin Categories

Some brackets are split by regions; the Plugin Madness bracket will be categorized into four key areas: Marketing, Optimization, Maintenance, and eCommerce. 

This classification ensures a diverse and exciting competition, showcasing the wide versatility of WordPress plugins.

The Game Plan: Important Dates

Make sure and mark your calendars! Plugin Madness nominations run through February 26th. After that, the real fun begins with the voting phase starting on March 4. The competition heats up with each passing week as the bracket dwindles from 64 to 32 and, ultimately, this year’s Plugin Madness champion!

 Here’s the breakdown:

  • Week 1 (64): March 4
  • Week 2 (32): March 11
  • Week 3 (16): March 18
  • Week 4 (8): March 25
  • Week 5 (4): April 1
  • Week 6 (2): April 18
  • Week 7 (Winner announced): April 15

Join the Madness: Be Part of the Action

Your role in the madness doesn’t end with nominations. Make sure and come back each week to vote, helping your favorite plugins advance through each round. 

Will your top pick make a buzzer-beater or be benched before the finals? Only your votes will decide!

Don’t Miss This Year’s Slam Dunk Event

This year’s Plugin Madness is set to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you’re new to WordPress or a seasoned pro, your input is crucial for making this event a slam-dunk success. 

Make sure to submit your nomination, don’t forget to vote, and may the best plugin win!

For more information on Plugin Madness, click here.