Since the release of Forminator’s new PDF Generator Addon, the team has been hard at work cooking up even more handy features, and today we’re excited to announce the first of our time-saving PDF templates!

A PDF receipt/invoice template was highly-requested by Forminator users. Learn everything you need to know about the new addition and see it in action in this post.

But wait, there’s more… Forminator 1.29 also added another handy ‘slider’ form field feature, perfect for forms where selecting a range is required or beneficial – you can now add one in a few clicks!

Here’s what we’re covering:

Why use the PDF receipt template?

Many Forminator users collect on-site payments directly through their forms via integrated PayPal and Stripe fields.

So, we knew it was essential for us to provide an easy and streamlined way for you to create professional receipts/invoices for clients.

The new PDF receipt template does exactly this…

You can easily create professional PDF receipts that automatically and accurately output with form data and can be sent to clients after on-site form payment.

No more manual work or sending receipts via a third-party payments provider – now it’s all easy and automated for you.

How the PDF receipt template works

A few PSA’s before we continue…

To use the PDF receipt template you must:

Cool? Let’s continue!

After creating your on-site payment form, navigate to Edit Form > PDF, then click Create New PDF.

A screen showing the option to create a new PDF.
Creating a new PDF couldn’t be easier thanks to Forminator’s integrated addon.

…Give your PDF a name.

A screen showing where you give your PDF a name.

…Select the brand new Receipt PDF template.

A screen showing the option of choosing a defined PDF template.
Choose from a selection of unique templates, including the new Receipt option.

Next, enter the payee and payer data you want included on your receipts.

You will notice you can add dynamic data merge tags, which automatically pulls and outputs data from your forms.

For example, you can dynamically include form fields like Name, Email, or Phone Number, and these will automatically populate in your PDF receipt.

A screen showing how users can easily edit the payee and payer details of their PDF receipts.
Easily add payee and payer info, including dynamic field population that automatically outputs in your final PDF.

After confirming the details, you’ll be taken back to the Edit PDF screen where you can also edit your PDF header, footer, and add any additional fields if needed.

A screen showing the editing options available with your PDF.
On top of the default template settings, you can edit the header, footer, and add more fields.

Next, you can customize the appearance of your PDF and adjust page size and margin settings.

We’ll be adding more advanced customization options soon. In the meantime, you can manually adjust the appearance of your PDFs with the Custom CSS option.

As screen showing how you can adjust the appearance of your PDF
Adjust the appearance of your PDF with some basic customization options.

When you’re happy with the appearance, layout, and info included, you can preview your receipt with one click.

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A screen showing a preview of what the final receipt PDF will look like.
Easily preview your PDF before you set it up for clients.

That’s it! Your PDF receipt template is now ready to be sent to your client via email.

To do this, just go to Edit Form > Email Notifications.

Here you can add and edit email notifications to be sent to admins or form users.

Simply create a new email notification and you’ll see you can add your newly created PDF as an attachment to your confirmation email.

A screen showing how you can attach your PDF receipt to an email
Easily attach your newly created PDF receipt to a client email.

You can also edit more settings, such as the recipients and conditions of the email, depending on your particular form.

Try Forminator’s new free slider form field!

As mentioned earlier, another handy feature Forminator 1.29 introduced was a new slider form field.

This was another hotly requested addition and it’s available with the free version of Forminator, so anyone can use and benefit from it.

You can use the slider field for anything from mortgage or loan calculators and donation forms, to price filtering and product customization.

Adding a slider to a form is easy, just go to Edit Form > Fields > Insert Field, and select the Slider field.

A screen showing how you now have the option to add a slider field to your forms.
Easily add a convenient slider functionality to forms that could benefit from it.

…Edit the type of slider you want to display, and label it.

A screen showing how you can define and label your slider.
Choose the type of slider you want to add and label it.

…With Settings you can also adjust the slider size, values, and advanced settings like default value, and suffix/prefix text.

A screen showing Forminator's range slider settings
Adjust the settings of your range slider to suit the unique needs of your form.

…You can also choose whether or not to enable calculations, and set your own visibility rules based on your form.

A screen showing where users can customize Forminator's range slider calculation settings.
Choose whether or not to enable/disable calculations for your field.

Easy as that! Here’s an example of a simple rating slider in action:

Upgrade your forms with these new game-changing additions

We hope you enjoyed this overview of Forminator’s new PDF Receipt Template and Slider field features.

If you’re interested in trying them, they’re both available with Forminator Pro and the Forminator PDF Generator Addon.

Forminator Pro also comes free with any paid WPMU DEV membership, along with a whole lot of other amazing WordPress tools, services, plugins, and 24/7 support from our expert team.

Or, if you’re looking for the lowest barrier of entry, trying the free version of Forminator is also a great option. Just note that the free version will not have the full functionality available with Pro (including the new PDF Receipt Template).

Want to know what’s coming next for Forminator? Check the WPMU DEV Roadmap, where we add regular progress updates.

Have you tried Forminator’s new PDF Receipt Template or Range Slider features yet? Let us know what you think below!